28 19' 67'' N -81 24' 37'' W EL98hh
28.327904 -81.406135
This tower stood for 11 years! Hurricane Irma decided it was time for her to come down.
*These repeaters do not have a tails or courtesy tones.

My Virtual "SHACK WALL" QSL cards click here.

since Linda & I quit Smoking.


OK so I have a few RANTS!~
I am allowed, this is my website.

(the inability to Release To Listen)
There are several treatments for this condition.
Just hover your mouse over the name of the infliction.

Please, No codes, just plain English* will do.
I've even stopped using 73.
*American English, U.K.. English or Australian English.
10 Codes are for commercial radio.
"Q" signals are for CW not voice.
Contrary to popular beliefs. There Isn't a CELLPHONE NET
We try to refrain from discussing this as well as Politics, HOA's and Religion.

What is Destinated?
Is there a cure?
I guess it is another made up word.

On the Side.
of what? Beef or Chicken? Are you Potatoes? Maybe Macaroni & Cheese?
 (Thanks for that N4CR (sk))
Sounds like CB jargon to me.

Station*? Break? Contact?
if you want to be acknowledged in a conversation, just say your call or suffix during the breaks in the conversation.
"BREAK" is to be used for Emergency traffic
or switching messages during a "Traffic Net"
*Station, what is this? Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?
Is this left over from the Bootleg Levnmeters? (CB SSB)
"Contact", I don't fly a plane, so I don't need the engine started.

4ID or for ID isn't part of your call and unnecessary.
(Unless you need to talk without saying anything, then I guess it is)
Just giving your call is all you need.
Your Call is your ID. When you say it, you have given your ID.

When you say "Back to you"
Stop talking, and turn it over to who you are turning it over to.
Quit Babbling!

My handle is:
Are you a frying pan?
I have a name.

The correct Chinese spelling should be "OuXun".
Western Spelling Wouxun.
Correct pronunciation: "O-shin".
Translated to English, means "Europe (or European) Communications".

Technician Operators
The only phone segment of HF you have privileges for, is
SSB privileges from 28.300 to 28.500 MHz.
but then you should know this.....

What is the difference between 10 and 11 meters?
10 Meters is a HAM BAND
11 Meters was re-named to Citizens Band in 1958.
It is not a "Free Band" and has restrictions.
Amateur Radio Operators are not above the law and
should not operate un authorized power on these frequencies.
Also they need to use type accepted radios for that service.

1947 - Amateurs lose the top 300 kc of he 10M band (29.7--30), and relinquish the 14.35--14.4 Mc on 20 meters. However the 15 meters (21.0-- 21.45 Mc) is planned. Also the FCC allows Amateurs to use the 11 meter band (26.96--27.23 Mc) on a shared basis with other services.

In September, 1958, the Class D Citizens Band is opened and Amateurs lost the shared use of 11 meters. USA Amateur population is about 160,000.

QSL just what is a QSL? Technically it is a question not a comment: Can you acknowledge receipt? It is not the same as OK or received. What it is intended to be is a written receipt of the contact conversation, then later it became a QSL Card and most recently a e-qsl. Again unless you are running CW there isn't really a need to use a code of any kind. Just use plain old English. Codes mask the conversation and there fore are not compliant to the rules and regulations. Then I heard "I got my first legitimate QSL today." Well, if it is receipt of any conversation whether it is RF direct, RF using a repeater or RF to IRLP or EchoLink then back to RF, it is still a QSL.

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 Steve Butler NO9S