I hate to call these Rules so lets just call them Repeater use

Donít say, "The personal here is _ _ _" (just use your name or name here is_ _).
Donít say, "Thanks for the comeback" (use thanks for the call/answer).

Donít say, "Iíve destinated" (use Iíve arrived or at my next stop). That word doesn't exist in any dictionary.

Do not use BREAK, this has always been used in emergency communications. If you would like to join in just put out your call. Then wait for someone in the conversation to acknowledge you. Please do use BREAK if you have emergency traffic.

Donít repeatedly say, "I hear that" or "roger that" or "QSL" in response to every transmission/comment. (Besides "QSL" is written confirmation of a conversation or "QSO" and is just slightly better than 10-4.)

Donít say your, or the other personís, call sign every transmission (only your call is required once every 10 minutes)

Please don't use the phonetic explanation of your call sign every time you give it, try to use only if the listening station is having a hard time understanding your call, not every time you give your call. This just adds a lot of unneeded noise to the system.

Donít just kerchunk the repeater without saying your call (at least ID on the second kerchunk, we understand that some of these Mic's have "Hair Triggers").

Donít shout into your microphone.

Key the microphone for at least one second before talking to give the links/repeaters that may be connected time to function properly.

Donít give one-word answers or comments. (if you have to do so make sure you key at least a second or two before giving it.)

Donít break in on an ongoing conversation unless you know who all is in it, and you have something meaningful to contribute.

When in a conversation (QSO) with more than two people involved, turn it over to someone by name (go ahead Rod).

When you sign clear, turn it over to someone by name or call (donít just sign clear because no one knows who should pick up).

Use a mike hanger in your vehicle to avoid sitting on the microphone and inadvertently keying up the system with people all over listening to your conversation







 Steve Butler NO9S