Please check back often, these short cuts may change from time to time.


Please have the courtesy to Give your call before accessing any commands. Failure to do so will result in the loss of privileges on this system as well as the N4GUS and N4ARG repeaters.

DTMF Commands on K4SLB-R (444.450) EC 6457
All have changed and will not be published.

N4GUS-R (927.7000) and N4ARG-R (147.210) IRLP Node 4338

Transmit Station Information, press:
Transmit Time, press:
Transmit Weather conditions, press:
Transmit Weather Forecast, press:
Transmit Weather Warnings, press:
Transmit node status, press:
Help File Press:
To Disconnect, press:

To Disconnect, ALL:
To toggle Text Chat announcements press:
Node Quiet press:
To stop current, announcement

You may access any Echolink Node by just entering the node number on your Keypad, however here are a few shortcuts that I have created for the more popular Repeaters and regular users.

Orlando Conference Server*
Florida Conference Server*

Short Cuts
W4EFK-R press:
W2NJR-R press:
WA2RJP-R press:
N4BCB-R press:
G4HFG-L press:
KE4TTE-R press:
K4OHE-R (N4ELM Repeater) Press:
AC0Y-R Walt Disney World press:
KC2GUM-R (N2WFU Trustee) Tom's River NJ press:

Node 4338 IRLP DTMF Help

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You must use ** (Star Star) to access IRLP
To Drop Connection 73

 Station Shortcuts

N4GUS-R (927.7000) and N4ARG-R (147.210)





 Steve Butler NO9S