August 17th
On this the 30th Anniversary of the "King" passing.

It is Hurricane season and TS Erin made it's way into Texas yesterday drenching the few dry parts of the state, we are all watching what the "Monster Storm", Hurricane Dean is doing out there. At this point he is headed for Mexico. The tower guys have gone through a few mishaps since last October, the Neighbor backing into the Guy wires on the South Side. Winds of over 70 MPH in thunderstorms taking a toll on the saddle nuts on the West Guy. Lets just say it was a little noodlely.

Sonny Ki4HZP came over today with his climbing belt, so he an I would straighten out the leaning tower and get some tension on the Guys. Plus Double nutting all the clamps and adding safety cab



Thanks Sonny and Priscilla.






 Steve Butler NO9S