August 29th, 20006

Two days before "Ernesto" makes a visit to Central Florida, K4EIO told me I was putting off a project that needed to be done. The Guying of the Tower that sets next to our little house. It was in the plans so that it might gain a bit in elevation in the near future. However with this storm that, at this writing doesn't even know what it is going to be, a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane, it has been both up to this point. Linda and I ran around on Monday to get the needed supplies in order to facilitate this project. I had already obtained a coupe of 6 foot anchors from KF4IAT a while back and I picked up another at the "Tractor Supply". Mike, N4HHA, was going to stop by after his eye appointment on Tuesday, today, to show Linda and I where to put the anchors, then he needed to get to another tower of his and reduce the wind load.

Well, just let me tell you, it might be mostly sand around here but those anchors were sure a chore to get that far into the ground. Larry, WA3PGL, offered assistance for the project, as did G4HFG, Graham, the Old Ham from Oldham, however his proximity to the project was a little off maybe like 4,200 miles or so. He was with us in spirit. Keeping up with the details via Echolink. Larry arrived just in time to help us get the "Bear" to the south in into the ground. The 3 Anchor was even a bit tougher until we moved it about a foot and it just screwed in so easily. Go figure! Mike made it back and climbed the tower with the cables and we got them prepped for the installation with the turnbuckles.

Linda and I could not have done it without the help of our friends but then again that is what part of this hobby is about. Hopefully the tower will stay where it is suppose too and keep the repeater and the internet active. The Generator is ready to go in case of any black outs.

Maybe instead of the planned 20 foot increase this tower will go up another 20 besides. That would get me to the height I really would like. With this first set of Guys in place, the height increase should happen in the weeks ahead.


de K4SLB

Here are a few photos of the installation.







 Steve Butler NO9S