October 29th, 2006
Sunday -Sunday -Sunday

It was a beautiful fall day here in Tropical Park, North West Osceola County, today N4HHA would stop by to move the Hard-line up the tower and connect the Station Master 900 Antenna as well as do some clean up on the tower and bring down the Jin Pole, that the darkness wouldn't let us get to on Friday.

First we had to get the tower sections to all "lean" in the same direction. The Guys were a little uneven. Yesterday with all of the gusting wind it was time to adjust them anyway.

The first photos were earlier in the day, the rest were during the operation. So next is the addition of a dual band antenna at the '57' level and a TV antenna at about 40 feet or so.

Thanks Mike, Linda and Priscilla.






 Steve Butler NO9S