The ARRGUS-STAR 2K9 controller

Larry W3PGL has done it again!

While talking about just how I would like to have a "Super Controller" for the 3 repeater system at my home, Larry was able to translate it in to the many circuits needed to make it come to life.

What I wanted was to seamlessly connect the repeaters together as well as a link radio and 3 EchoLink nodes and the IRLP node using DTMF. Then I added that I would like to bring an auto patch to any one of the 3 repeaters.

First Larry would test his design on a smaller controller that would handle a single repeater and a link radio with 1 EchoLink and 1 IRLP along with a phone patch. This unit would run flawlessly for a several months while he worked on the design and R&D for the 2k9.

He would test his designs and then make all of the circuit boards in his "Laboratory". He would test each section as he assembled it. Then in February 09 at Hamcation in Orlando he found the case. An old audio mixer with a very nice VU meter in it. It would have a place in the front where we could mount the modular IDer and PTT controllers for each machine. He would then build an ID killer to mute the ID audio coming back from the repeater that the RF link would be transmitting to.

I am not sure if there is a commercial controller that has the variables and or the functionality that this one has. It has now been in service for several months and has performed without fail. Other than operator "Head Space" when choosing many of it's functions.

Thank You, Larry for all of the hard work. This one is a winner! Over a year in the building, a few burned fingers and the acid fumes.

The Audio Matrix
As you see there is a separate pot behind a pre-amp for each of the audio paths

The Audio Output Board
The Input board is a duplicate of this one, even more adjustments

The Switching Matrix
Each path has it's own isolated switching point












 Steve Butler NO9S