October 27th, 2006

October 27th, It was a beautiful fall day here in Tropical Park, North West Osceola County, Windy but the 40 feet were destined to go to the top. I picked Rod, KB9ECA, up from his new home in "Soup City" at 9:00AM. Sonny, KI4HZP, drove over from the coast, Mike, H4HHA, made several stop bys. He still had a busy schedule at work, being Friday and all. Ed, N4ZQE, would stop by later after his busy day, on the way home.

The only thing we were not counting on was the gusting wind from the South, there was a front moving in and our window would close near dark. After coaxing the first tower section up, then down than back up again the next 3 went easier. A second set of Guys were placed at the 82' level. The temperature was in the mid 70's to lower 80's so it was a good day for the job. Linda, K4EIO, and I were "Ground Crew" as was Priscilla our 16 year old Pomeranian. As they day wore on Linda fed us Scones and other snacks to keep us going. Just about the time the light left us I connected the GP-9 dual band antenna that serves as the 444.450 repeater antenna to the duplexers and it was "On The Air". We did not get the Jin Pole down yet nor did we get the N4GUS repeater, 927.7000 antenna connected, that will be for another day. It was a long day but the Tower is now at it's full height. Hopefully we can get the Hard-line moved up the tower to the 33CM repeater this Sunday.

Thanks Rod, Linda, Mike, Sonny and Ed.






 Steve Butler NO9S